Skyline Nintendo Switch Emulator for Android (Download latest build APK)

Skyline Emulator for Android

Skyline is an experimental emulator for the Nintendo Switch which runs on Android
The project is currently within the early stages of development, however, you can still install and test it.

Skyline emulator nintendo switch for android

The team has used Ryujinx throughout the project for reference, the amount of accuracy of their HLE kernel implementation is what makes them such an amazing reference.


  • Nintendo Switch is a trademark of Nintendo Co., Ltd.
  • Android is a trademark of Google LLC.


What was added:
  • Processes and Threads with valid TLS
  • IPC Marshalling
  • Service Handler
  • Services: (Just enough to pass libNX initalization, they haven’t been completed)
    • sm
    • fatal:u
    • set:sys
    • apm
    • apm:ISession
    • am:appletOE
    • am:IApplicationProxy
    • am:ICommonStateGetter
    • am:IApplicationFunctions
    • am:ISelfController
    • am:IWindowController
    • am:IAudioController
    • am:IDisplayController
    • am:ILibraryAppletCreator
    • am:IDebugFunctions
    • hid
    • hid:IAppletResource
    • time
    • time:ISystemClock
    • time:ITimeZoneService
    • fsp-srv
    • fs:IFileSystem
  • Kernel Objects:
    • KProcess
    • KThread
    • KSharedMemory
    • KTransferMemory
    • KPrivateMemory
    • KSession
    • KEvent
    • KObject
    • KSyncObject
  • SVCs:
    • SetHeapSize
    • QueryMemory
    • ExitProcess
    • CreateThread
    • StartThread
    • ExitThread
    • SleepThread
    • GetThreadPriority
    • SetThreadPriority
    • MapSharedMemory
    • CloseHandle
    • WaitSynchronization
    • ArbitrateLock
    • ArbitrateUnlock
    • WaitProcessWideKeyAtomic
    • SignalProcessWide
Nintendo Switch emulator for Android OS

What was improved:

(Nearly everything, the project has reached it’s final structure)

  • Memory Management
  • NCE:
    • Multiple Processes support
    • Threading support
    • Event loop driven so arbitrary tasks can be performed within cycles
    • Support for KThread status and handling timeouts
    • All functions now support a PID parameter
  • Addition of comments to the codebase for every function and class in header files
  • New Icon
  • Signing of release APKs
  • SVCs:
    • SendSyncRequest – Attach to new Service handler
    • OutputDebugString – Newlines are now ommited from strings
    • GetInfo – Additional cases supported:

What Works Now ?

  • Laws of Aviation v1.0 and v1.1 NROs

What’s next ?

For version 0.4 the team plan to have support for basic framebuffer display working, it should take a fraction of the 2 months this version took.


Skyline Emulator for Android OS: sl-latest-build.apk


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