Ryujinx Nintendo Switch emulator for iOS (Download iPhone app 0.08i)

Ryujinx is an experimental Nintendo Switch emulator compatible with iOS. It can run most the Nintendo Switch games such Pokémon Shield & Sword, Super Mario Odissey, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (see also Android version).

Ryujinx Nintendo Switch emulator

Nintendo Switch is an indoor video game console which is known to be a hybrid console supporting both portables as well as a stationary. It can be played either with TV mode or handheld mode and includes Joy-Con controller for the flexibility of the gameplay. The Switch & Joy-controller comes with varieties of bright and appealing colours.


It is an open source Nintendo Switch Emulator written in C# created by gdkchan.

This emulator aims at providing good performance and accuracy, a friendly interface, and consistent builds.

Ryujinx is available on GitHub and is licensed under the “MIT” license.

As of right now, the emulator has no stable builds; although, you may follow the build guide by clicking the “Build” menu option above. Or you may download the latest pre-compiled build (above).

Ryujinx nintendo switch emulator iOS

Since Nintendo Switch emulator was already released on PC version about few months ago, however, the development for smartphone version emulator was still on progress. The problem was, desktop/PC is obviously far more powerful system than the mobile so there was an early release for the PC and the date of release on iOS was not certain back then. But it seems developers have worked real hard to build and complete the emulator as soon as possible so there are some beta version switch emulators for android on the internet as well. Even though though the emulators are in beta stage, amazingly, it can emulate almost all the games and that also at super smooth fps and awesome graphics. You can download the nintendo switch emulator for iOS by following the link below.

As written in the official website the name Ryujinx is based on the name “Ryujin.” In other words, a name for a Mythical (Sea-God) Dragon. More information can be found here. The name stems from Ryu (as already explained), then RyuJIT; which is the codename for the JIT compiler for Net Core. The NX part of the name is from the Codename of the Switch itself.


Ryujinx emulator (iOS Version 0.08s): ryujinx-av008i.ipa