RaiNX Custom firmware for Nintendo Switch (Download latest version)

RaiNX Custom Firmware

RaiNX custom firmware Nintendo Switch


RaiNX is a modular custom firmware for the Nintendo Switch that uses ‘smart’ patching for future proofing and just works


Put ReiNX folder on the root of your switch’s SD card and run ReiNX.bin with your favorite fusee launcher.


You’ll need devkitpro with devkitARM (along with the devkitarm-rules package) and run:

git clone --recurse-submodules https://github.com/Reisyukaku/ReiNX.git
cd ReiNX && make

To compile with Docker, chmod +x docker-build.sh and run the shell script ./docker-build.sh. After that, just check out dir. This will compile without requiring installation of DevKit* dependencies.

RaiNX custom firmware Nintendo Switch


  • Modularity (doesn’t rely on or require any SD files to run; customize SD files to your liking)
  • Loads all KIPs from /ReiNX/sysmodules/ directory
  • Optional custom kernel/secmon/warmboot
  • FS patches on the fly (NCA verify/cmac and optional nogc)
  • Kernel patches on the fly (optional debug mode)
  • Exclusive ReiNX sysmodules
  • ES patch in RXP patch format (used with custom loader.kip)
  • Loads all KIPs from /ReiNX/sysmodules/ directory
  • Optional custom kernel/secmon/warmboot
  • Default kips with exefs redir from /ReiNX/title/{tid}


  • Latest Supported – 10.1.0
  • Recommended – 10.1.0

After a while with no updates to ReiNX, two new contributors helped add support for firmwares 9.x and 10.x to ReiNX. This update also brings support for 32-bit XRGB bitmaps as splash screens.

it primarily adds the DMNT cheat service for use with EdiZon. An alpha build of the homescreen reimplementation DeltaLaunch has also been released as well


  • Support for 9.x – 10.1.0
  • Support for 32-bit XRGB bitmap

This update primarily adds support for OFW 8.1.0, along with other misc updates and quality of life features.


ReiNX Custom Firmware: reinx-latest-build.zip