MonoNX Nintendo Switch emulator for Android (Download APK v1.3)

MonoNX nintendo switch emulator for android os

MonoNX emulator for Android OS has been discontinued (and support will no longer be given to this application, use at your own risk!), all development efforts have been moved to the new emulator Skyline.

MonoNX is an experimental Nintendo Switch emulator for Android!


You will need a device with the following, minimal specifications:

  • A device running Android 8.1 or greater.
  • A device using an ARM64 or a 64-bit x86 processor (preferably Quad-Core).

In order to play or use any form of Homebrew, the Application (as of now) will need you to configure Storage permissions manually; unless your copy of Android OS asks for permissions automatically.

NOTE: MonoNX is not affiliated with Nintendo in any such way.


  • Ryujinx Team – For the base of MonoNX, without them this would not be possible!
  • Xamarin – For allowing us C# developers to program on Android.
  • Dr.Hacknik – Logo design.
Nintendo Switch emulator Android OS


  • Implement framebuffer viewing using ImageView.
  • Removed “View Display” button.
  • Fixed all ROM loading issues.
  • Added log scrolling (for Android 6.0+)

System Requirements:

A CPU ARM64 or 64-bit x86 processor (Quad core 2.0 GHz recommended). Minimum 6 GB of RAM (8 recommended). Android OS 9.0+. 32 MB of free device storage.

NOTE: If you get a ROM load error, close out of MonoNX and go into app info and turn on and off storage permissions. This should fix the issue.

Experimental beta program app Is now closed, download the last version apk on the link below.


MonoNX emulator v1.3 for Android: mononx12.apk