Nintendo 3DS emulator MMJ for Android (Download Citra APK)

Nintendo 3DS emulator MMJ for Android


This is an official build. We are not testing for raw performance at the moment as it wouldn’t be fair to any of the developers involved in the project, as it may give off a false assumption that Nintendo 3DS games are unplayable on current-gen Android smartphones (see also iOS version). It’s may be possible to emulate 3DS games flawlessly in the future with more optimization.

Citra MMS for iOS

What makes this official Citra for Android so impressive is not that it’s a perfectly functioning emulator without any issues that nobody has discovered. In fact, far from it. It has its issues, it has its bugs, and it’s certainly not even remotely functional for more intensive titles. Having said all of that, some games absolutely work perfectly, or close to perfect, depending on your device. All of those facts contribute to how impressive this emulator is, but one fact takes the cake. Citra for Android is using Dolphin Emulator’s front-end as a GUI, but with the entire back-end of Citra ported behind it.

The beta version build is aviable in one of the download link below.


You can download Citra for Android from Play Store. It has a number of issues and the performance is poor in most games, though it might be worth checking out anyway! You can download it below. Note that Citra can only play decrypted files with the “.cci” file extension, which you can get by decrypting the games using your hacked Nintendo 3DS. If you decrypt your games to a .3ds file format, you can just rename it to .cci.

-Download citra-android-mmj2232.apk


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